Why become a provider?

Providers are the backbone of the Akash cloud.  When a deployment is created on the blockchain, Akash providers bid in real-time on the workload. If your provider is selected to run the workload, you will be paid in the Akash token (AKT) the full cost of the deployment less any blockchain fees.

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This calculator was created to quickly estimate* hardware profitability on the Akash Network. Use the recommended values when deploying with Helm Charts.

Who can become a Provider?

Anyone can become a provider! You will need computers or servers that can run Kubernetes and an AKT wallet that is funded. 

What is the minimum hardware specification?

You need at least one computer configured with Kubernetes/k3s/MicroK8s.  The available resource of the machine will become available on the Akash network.

Do I need a new computers?

The Akash network can run on legacy and modern generation hardware. 

How much does it cost to become a Provider?

50 AKT is enough for a single computer to start bidding on the network. Each deployment requires a minimum of 5 AKT to be put in escrow.  If you are planning to run a large provider with hundreds of threads please be mindful that your wallet will need 5 AKT per thread.

What about fees?

Providers pay a fee to create bids, accept leases, withdraw, and close leases.  These fees cost 0.005 AKT.

When do I get paid?

Providers are paid whenever the “withdrawlease” command is triggered.  This request the deployments escrow funds to be unlocked and transferred to your provider wallet.  The default withdraw period is 10 minutes.

How to become a Provider?

Becoming a provider on the Akash.Network has never been easier!  If you have extra computers or servers, they can easily be provisioned to the network.

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All prices, calculations, and recommendations are estimates and do not constitute financial advice. The recommended settings should be reviewed for accuracy. This calculator is intended for testing, evaluation, and demonstration purposes only. Do not use this calculator to make financial decisions. Always check the Akash provider logs after changing your bid engine settings to verify the correct pricing your provider is bidding with. akashcalculator.com is not responsible or liable for any financial losses incurred by the use of this calculator or the Akash network.